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the goal of standardization is to ensure uniformity to certain

Despite these efforts, specific differences between IFRS and US GAAP remain before complete uniformity can be achieved. Different countries have different recognition criteria, disclosure requirements, and measurement bases. Also, consumers the goal of standardization is to ensure uniformity to certain can match up the components of a system in a way that fits their specific preferences. Also, standardization may limit producers from providing more value to consumers than their competitors, because they are constrained by the standards.

the goal of standardization is to ensure uniformity to certain

Automates key processes – it is much easier to bring standardization into automated processes than manual processes. Automated processes follow preset business rules for predictable and reliable outcomes. Manual processes on the other hand are ridden with human bias and errors, which increases the risk of error and ambiguity. An automated system also classifies activities based on their importance and accommodates quick changes. All the employees need to simply conform to the standards set by the organization to deliver quality results. Process automation – Automating key business processes is a great way to standardize the process.

Standards for Drugs and Devices

The journey to customer satisfaction and the experience they get at the end of the day is process-dependent. One person may attempt to get a particular experience with a product while the other chooses a different experience. According to Ron Ashkenas and Rizwan Khan, the announcement of a new idea may be the easiest part; implementation, however, can be met with some level of resentment, debate, and resistance. Irrespective of how good an idea, strategy, or process may seem, there’s always some level of concern, especially when it challenges popular opinion. It is not easy to ensure that all your staff work according to a regulated standard. You might find that position challenged by your workers, even if it is geared to improving the quality of your product or service.

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As a result of intersectorial standardization, it became possible to replace the approximately 100 models of tower cranes with eight models having standardized units and superior operating characteristics. Under a planned socialist economy, standardization plays an active role in the management of the national economy. As a enterprise proprietor, a key component to your marketing strategy is probably going tips on how to promote your product. It’s necessary to create an efficient, outcomes-driven marketing and advertising technique, especially in case your product will be bought internationally. If that is the case, you might think about using a worldwide standardization of promoting to promote your product, achieve a bigger customer base and increase gross sales and earnings. It can also be potential that a consumer will select a product based upon a regular that fails to become dominant.

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Examples include formalization of judicial procedure in court, and establishing uniform criteria for diagnosing mental disease. Standardization in this sense is often discussed along with (or synonymously to) such large-scale social changes as modernization, bureaucratization, homogenization, and centralization of society. The national standards were adopted universally throughout the country, and enabled the markets to act more rationally and efficiently, with an increased level of cooperation. 38
In the fall of 1998, FDA changed the process for follow-up on reported drug problems with the creation of a new Office of Post-Marketing Drug Risk Assessment (OPDRA). Before, incidents were reviewed by a committee, triaged, and sent back to the division that did the original review. This dispersed responsibility for review and follow-up led to variability in response.

In terms of drugs, the use of human factors principles could reduce confusion of medications that occur because of brand names that look alike or sound-alike, labels that are hard to read, and look-alike packaging. Wrong doses also occur frequently because of factors such as the lack of standardized terms in the display of contents. For example, contents displayed by concentration (e.g., 10 mg/mL) rather than total amount (e.g., 100 mg) can result in an overdose. There may also be inconsistent placement of warnings on a label or inconsistent use of abbreviations. Most recently, more than 100 errors have been reported in the use of Celebrex (prescribed for arthritis) and its confusion with Cerebyx (an antiseizure medication) and Celexa (an antidepressant).

the goal of standardization is to ensure uniformity to certain

For example, standardization in the options markets means that exchanges set standards as a way of establishing the minimum trade bases for contracts. In options trading, every option contract that an investor holds represents 100 shares of the underlying stock. These principles are (i) consensus, (ii) due process, (iii) openness, (iv) right to appeal, and (v) balance. In the USSR, standardization is closely linked to the system of planning and management of the national economy. Standardization has a variety of benefits and drawbacks for firms and consumers participating in the market, and on technology and innovation. In the context of supply chain management and materials management, standardization covers the process of specification and use of any item the company must buy in or make, allowable substitutions, and build or buy decisions.

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Your automated system should also be flexible enough to consider quick changes and help employees make quick decisions. The good part of this is that you don’t need to re-strategize new processes for each product. You should consider adopting the standardization procedure SweetProcess has to offer. With the SweetProcess tool, you not only standardize, but you’ll also know what factors to monitor to ensure that your models and structures yield higher productivity. With the elimination of guesswork and unnecessary expenditure, your company can focus on what matters most.

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  • As each team or unit would use their choice of tools, platforms, and reporting mechanisms, there will be a lack of a standard way in which the QA outcomes can be measured and evaluated.
  • In terms of drugs, the use of human factors principles could reduce confusion of medications that occur because of brand names that look alike or sound-alike, labels that are hard to read, and look-alike packaging.
  • While the company is often discovered internationally, not all international locations equally accept its merchandise and its cultural ties.

These standards are necessary for different businesses to take different approaches. Finally, uniformity helps reduce errors in financial reporting as it sets up controls that help ensure that data is recorded accurately. Companies are less likely to make errors that could lead to misstated results by providing standard processes for collecting, recording, and verifying data. The standardization of production processes is preceded by the development of technology for the manufacture of similar parts or for the assembly either of similar components or of finished articles of a particular type.

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There is no guarantee that the chosen normal will meet all consumers’ needs and even that the standard is the most effective available option. Although current standard-setting authorities in health care are not devoting adequate attention to patient safety issues, the committee considered and rejected the option of recommending the creation of yet another regulatory authority. The recommendations contained in this chapter direct the existing regulatory structures to increase attention to patient safety issues. Licensing agencies and accrediting organizations have to hold health care organizations accountable for creating and maintaining safe environments. Professional licensing bodies should consider continuing qualifications over a lifetime of practice, not just at initial licensure.

the goal of standardization is to ensure uniformity to certain

Few professional societies or groups have demonstrated a visible commitment to reducing errors in health care and improving patient safety. Although it is believed that the commitment exists among their members, there has been little collective action. The exception most often cited is the work that has been done by anesthesiologists to improve safety and outcomes for patients. Medicare and Medicaid survey and certification activities are aimed at ensuring that providers and suppliers for these programs meet health, safety, and program standards.


When a product has basically the same appeal all over the world, global standardization is a useful tool. Businesses engaged in manufacturing processes typically type framework agreements that be sure that the products they produce meet the identical specs as different businesses in the business. The standardization may cover products sold in a single geographical location or the global arena. Implementation of activities to increase the role of health professionals in patient safety must occur at multiple levels. Although some professional groups influence and communicate with just their own members, other groups have the potential to influence many audiences. For example, the American Board of Medical Specialties has the potential to influence 24 professional medical societies.

There will be an increased uptake of standardized technology, which will spur the growth of the technology industry. A familiar example of standardized technology is that of software programs that are compatible with the Windows operating system. Standardized items and companies promote the convenience of use for the buyer and attracts shoppers on the idea of constant quality. Product standardization relies on utilizing the same basic template across markets. The features of a product are kept similar as far as attainable, which could be difficult if the product is marketed internationally however is simple to realize regionally. Global standardization is the flexibility to make use of commonplace advertising internationally.

  • Standardizing on a solution allows IT teams to monitor and maintain the company’s programs and processes in a more organized, effective way.
  • The already established standards can be deployed for solving and handling similar tasks.
  • Continuous improvements are made as manufacturing companies standardize their components and processes so as to produce a high-quality, low-cost product.
  • The essential fear here is that standardization means an organizational culture that leeches away all individual thinking and new ideas, replacing vibrant diversity with a monoculture mentality.
  • For instance, the wooden products trade participates in international requirements to take care of consistency of like merchandise.

Thus, it does not require complete conformity among different entities operating within an industry or field. Finally, some individuals mistakenly believe that uniformity means total standardization across different businesses or organizations. At the same time, all entities must adhere to certain underlying principles related to uniformity (e.g., accurate reporting). The concept of accounting uniformity has been a source of confusion and misunderstanding for numerous individuals and organizations. “Uniformity” refers to the consistency with which transactions are recorded, financial statements are prepared, and reports are distributed.

If we continue with this perspective, we will get stuck in explaining our methods to clients and other investors who don’t share similar views with us. Since you have different professionals with different exposures and preferences, you ought to bring them all together under the platform of the same standards. With the elimination of complexities, you’d find that your workers will have more time to focus on productive activities. The main idea behind standardization is that your firm should have a certain level of uniform behavior when tasks are assigned. All practices within your company should have some level of conformity with best practices in other establishments.

Accountants are responsible for ensuring that financial statements are reported accurately and consistently. Following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is essential in achieving this goal. GAAP guides how to complete accounting transactions, as well as how to record them within the financial statements.

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Reliance on multiple-choice items limits the depth at which a test can probe for students’ understanding and thinking. Standardization can help improve the efficiency of procurement and supply chain management across laboratory networks and help ensure that the correct testing supplies are available when needed. A primary purpose of standardized test is to assist in the determination of a diagnosis to the use of normative scores that compared the child’s performance with that of an age-matched sample of children. Standardizing on a solution allows IT teams to monitor and maintain the company’s programs and processes in a more organized, effective way.